Reasons Why A. Luckes & Son Is The Most Trusted Local Removals Company In Swindon

If you peruse service provider rating and review boards in the UK, you will quickly discover one thing: Most of the people who have had the most successful and exceptional moves in Swindon attest that they used A. Luckes & Son Removals Company. For your upcoming relocation to Swindon or any of the surrounding areas, you may be asking, Why should I entrust this company to handle my move?

Below, we will discuss why you should trust this company with your relocation like thousands of other UK residents.


A. Luckes and Son Removals Swindon


1. They Are Fully Licensed and Certified

If you have heard of people who lost their possessions while they were in transit, it is most likely that they left their valuables under the care of unlicensed moving outfits. With A. Luckes & Son Removals, you can be sure that your possessions are in safe hands since they are fully licensed to offer moving services. If you are looking for more peace of mind, this firm is certified by highly reputable professional bodies such as AIM (Association of Independent Movers). The accreditation by professional bodies shows that they have consistently proven that they meet the standards of quality when it comes to serving customers looking for moving services.

2. They Are Reliable

There is nothing worse than planning for a move, setting a move date and then your moving company fails to show up on the appointed date simply because they found a better paying customer. Based on their record of service that runs back several decades, this cannot happen with A. Luckes & Son. Over their many decades helping UK residents relocate, these professionals have shown that they can be trusted to expertly handle relocations, keep deadlines and meet client expectations.

3. They Are Fully Insured

This company has fully insured their employees and further, they also have a liability insurance for offering moving services. You can always be sure that your goods will be handled with the outmost care during packing, when in transit and when being unloaded in your new home. Should any accidents happen during the relocation (They rarely do), you are usually protected by the liability cover held by A. Luckes & Son Removals.

4. They Have a Straightforward Billing Process

These movers are very professional when it comes to providing quotations and billing clients. On contacting them, you will receive an initial quote which is usually followed by a comprehensive and final quote when they inspect the amount of work at hand. The best part is that they are very honest with their billing and you will not get any surprise invoices later.

5. They Offer Comprehensive Moving Services

With A. Luckes & Son, you will not need any other service provider during your entire move. From packing, loading, transportation to storage, all your needs will are catered for with these professional local Swindon movers.
What are you waiting for? Join the many happy and satisfied clients in Swindon and surrounding boroughs who have relied on A. Luckes & Son to handle their relocation. You can reach A. Luckes & Son by calling 01793 431 431 or visiting